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Coriflex Race

Light in a new dimension.

  • Coriflex

    Conventional continous line

  • Intelligent concept:

    Planning is done very quickly thanks to uniform module length.

  • Time-saving:

    The usual components such as mounting rail, gear tray and reflectors are already integrated.

  • Consistent:

    Coriflex with its purist form blends into any room concept.

  • Adaptable:

    Coriflex convinces with high variability in terms of luminous flux, light colour and optic.

  • Flexible:

    Subsequent retrofitting on-site is also simple.

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  • Beam angle and light colour

    Whether with narrow or narrow wide distribution or workstation-compatible, Coriflex unites various optics and light colours within one continuous line. While individual modules can be combined according to requirements, the appearance of the luminaire always stays the same.

    3000 Kelvin 4000 Kelvin
  • Colour variants

    white silver anthracite

    Colour variants (video)

  • End caps

    Perfect integration: With two different design variants of the end module, Coriflex blends harmoniously into all surroundings.

    Closed Open

    Design variants (video)

  • Corner module

    The light system can follow building geometry and highlight this with the Coriflex corner module, for example in corridors with a 90° bend.

    Corner module (video)

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  • Circuit selection

    Revolutionary: External Coriflex circuit selection guarantees time savings during mounting that were unknown until now.

    Circuit selection (video)

  • Track

    Setting in scene: Conventional spots can be integrated with the 3-circuit track module to achieve targeted light accents.

  • Mountings

    Coriflex comes with various options for surface-mounted or suspended versions. Whether for warehouses, production bays or workshops, Coriflex with its unprecedented flexibility optimally meets the requirements of many different areas.

  • Shift modules

    Highly variable and efficient: The individual modules of the continuous line are not only exchangeable, but can be shifted within the light system with a few flicks of the wrist.

    Shift modules (video)

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  • Packing

    Less is more: The newly developed all-in-one light system cuts down on packing material and transport costs and also lessens warehouse volume. In addition, the Coriflex modules are delivered pre-sorted according to room, if needed. This means that time-saving and simple installation on-site is guaranteed.

    Packing (video)

  • Installation

    The clever Coriflex concept allows exceedingly high time and work saving during installation: up to 50 %: The usual components such as mounting rail, gear tray and reflectors are already integrated in the „all-in-one“ solution.

    Installation (video)

    Front/Central mains feed

    Front/Central feeding (video)

  • Blind modules

    Light only where it is needed: If only a low illuminance level is needed zonally, then blind modules are used.

    Blind modules (video)

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The fastest continuous lines.






Coriflex LED

423 Watts/Second



Conventional continuous line

792 Watts/Second


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Technical details

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with Klaas Keur, Product Manager with TRILUX

Mr Keur, what is it exactly that makes Coriflex so unique? Can you briefly summarise that for us?
“With Coriflex we developed a light concept specifically as part of a dialogue with our customers and partners that covers their highly diverse needs. And the result certainly impresses: our Coriflex represents an intelligent, optically appealing and simultaneously flexible solution. For example we‘ve integrated all the normal accessories for continuous lines such as trunking, gear trays and reflectors into the luminaire and thus achieve 50% time saving during mounting. The Coriflex can also be used in many different applications such as industry, education and office.“
That sounds like a true all-round talent. But demands for the lighting atmosphere and quality of light in offices and industry are quite different. How does Coriflex achieve this multiple challenge?
“Our customers can select the required optic and light colour from differing variants and specify a luminaire luminous flux of between 3,500 and 4,000 lumens. This makes it possible to implement workzone, glare reduced office or classroom lighting, or a narrow distribution solution for industrial and storage halls. Also, Coriflex can be either surface-mounted or suspended.“
How can you guarantee glare-free lighting with an outstanding lumen to watt ratio despite the use of LEDs?
“The magic phrase is ‘low contrast light’, or LCL. This technology developed by TRILUX allows us to increase luminance all around the LED to ensure uniform illumination over the complete luminaire length, and without dark spots. And we no longer have to rely on diffuse material to cover the LEDs that would reduce glare but also reduce lumen yield as well. The result is a permanently pleasant and glare-free impression of light for any application sector.“
You just spoke of the especially efficient mounting method. Can you explain it in a bit more detail?
“Of course. After all, that‘s an important added value of the Coriflex. To optimise the usual process chain with planning and installation we‘ve developed a one-piece concept. Meaning the usual accessories such as trunking, gear trays and reflectors are already integrated. We thus offer customers an all-in-one solution that is also installed as quick as a flash.“
Like the well-known plug and play system then?
“Exactly. Mounting Coriflex is child‘s play thanks to the newly developed electrical and mechanical coupling. In addition, an installation plan is drawn up for each project that makes installation on-site significantly simpler.“
That of course achieves enormous ecological and economic advantages.
“That‘s right. This allows us to reduce not only packaging material but transport costs as well and also storage volume. Coriflex is extremely economic in other ways as well: with up to 95 lm/W and an LED-typical service life of 50,000 hours, it guarantees high energy savings and short amortisation times.“
So Coriflex scores points with its many sophisticated functions. To achieve all that though, did you have to accepts limits in the design appearance?
“Not at all. We designed the Coriflex together with the well-known design team of Billings Jackson Design. Our demands in terms of functionality and design were high. The luminaire after all stands for simplicity and complexity at a maximum technological level. Thus the design should be functional and elegant at the same time. And we achieved all this as well: with its purist form it blends smoothly into any room concept.“


Technical data for Coriflex

Technical features

  • Beam angle: Narrow distribution, Narrow wide distribution, Double asymmetric
  • Luminous flux: 3500 lm / 4000 lm
  • Colour rendering index: Ra ≥ 80
  • Colour temperature: 3000 K, 4000 K
  • Connected load: 40 W / 47 W
  • Service life: 50.000 h, B10L80
  • Electrical version: ET, ETDD
  • Emergency light: single battery 3 h, switching relay
  • Protection rating: IP40
  • Colours: white, silver, anthracite
  • Versions: surface- mounted and suspended version

Dimensional drawings


The requirements for lighting in the educational sector are as high as the learning content itself. For example working at a screen needs a different type of lighting than for experimenting in physics and chemistry rooms. Coriflex in all these areas ensures optimal illumination. In addition, long maintenance intervals, safe, low-cost and rapid mounting and simple cleaning of the light system means it is the ideal solution for classrooms and seminar rooms.


Extreme temperatures, dust and vibrations: Coriflex performs optimally in industrial applications even under difficult conditions. Low maintenance and a luminous efficacy of 95 lm/W ensure short amortisation times and low energy costs in running operation. The light points can also be set flexibly to ensure custom-fitted, efficient light planning. Wide suspension distances of up to 3 metres offer even more flexibility.


Efficient light for pleasant work: Coriflex also scores top points in offices with many features. Thanks to LCL technology (Low Contrast Light) it emits glarefree light complying with standards for computer screen work. Its direct/ indirect distribution optic and an integral light management system make it an effective and energy-efficient lighting solution that adapts to very different room structures. Connection elements enable continuous mounting of the light system even in rooms with lots of corners and corridors.